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What's rddc?

rddc aims to be a highly customizable, easy to use dynamic dns update client. Currently rddc is still in beta development. Nevertheless it should already be stable enough for general use.

While rddc should theoretically run on all operating systems that have a ruby interpreter, it has only been tested under linux.


Being still in early development it doesn't yet have many fancy features. If you are missing one specificly please send your request to our mailing list.

Current features as of version 0.2.1

Planned features


Currently we provide packages for Gentoo Linux as well as Debian GNU/Linux (incl. Repository). If you need packages for other Distributions please send us your feature request to our mailing list.


All *nixes

Gentoo Linux

Debian GNU/Linux


rddc is licensed under the GPL.


Enduser documentation for rddc is under development. In the meantime please check out the readme file.

Developer documentation is available.

Hartwig Brandl

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